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PicoPower PT86C523 for Linux 2.4

This patch enables Linux to use the abovementioned IRQ router with the in-kernel yenta driver for CardBus.
Thus, cardbus works on e.g. Dell Latitude XPi P150CD.

Patch for Linux 2.4.30
Patch for Linux 2.4.31

Other software


wmBinClock screenshot
This is a nifty little binary clock for WindowMaker. Developed by Thomas "Engerim" Kuiper and myself.
wmBinClock sourceforge page

Other stuff

LFS/BLFS hint for installing the at daemon.

My list of quotes for makesig.pl as of 20th of April 2012.

A working version of freenode example script identify_and_join.tcl


http://tsh-design.dk shows the beautiful designs and artworks of my girlfriend, Therese Sølvkjær Haugstrup

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